Winnipeg interior decorator, Sherri Cowlthorp, recently hired two contractors to install a beautiful tiled shower in her home.  The first contractor was recommended by a friend and turned out to be a disaster.  The second contractor was recommended by an expert sales person who works in this field.  As a result, the work of the second contractor was excellent.

Cory Traub, of Caliber flooring is truly an expert in his field.  Recommended to me by Jim Sommerville,Winnipeg interior decorator from Curtis Carpets, Cory exceeded expectations when he repaired the work of an unreliable contractor, and went on to create a beautiful walk in shower.

When Cory arrived at my home to install shower tile he noticed immediately the poor workmanship that went into building the roughed in shower.  Cory immediately pointed out the inferior techniques and workmanship and said not to even consider calling the original contractor back to fix.  This person was not someone who should be working on this type of project.

After deciding that is was best to start over, Cory set to work tearing down and reassembling the shower stall, so that it would be properly prepared for him to start tiling.

Winnipeg interior decoratorAs a Winnipeg interior decorator I work with clients on all sorts of varied projects, helping them select finishes such as tile, cabinets, paint colors and even designing spaces such as this bathroom.  But I never pick up a hammer nor have I ever attempted to tile a shower.  So I was amazed at the amount of work and steps that go into preparing a shower for tile.

The first step was to ensure all the walls were straight. The original contractor had applied the tile backer board directly on to the existing walls with out checking to see if they were straight.  In a 1952 bungalow there is bond to be shifting over the years, so when it came time for Cory to do the installation one of the first things he noticed was the walls needed to be be straightened. To straighten the walls,  Cory had add a lot of strapping and shims to ensure this was going to happen.

Winnipeg interior decoratorThe second step was to screw on tile backer board.  The original contractor had used an air nailer to do this.  Had this not been corrected the backer board would have eventually become loose from the wall and the entire wall of tiles would have come crashing to the ground.  To remedy this situation, Cory used screws to secure the backer board to the newly strapped and straightened walls.

The third step was to fill in screw holes with cement.  Not only did Cory have to place cement patches over where the screw went, but he also had to repair areas of the backer board where the original contractor had placed nails.

The forth step was to paint on a water tight membrane.

IMG_1699_4The fifth step was to apply tiles. Cory illustrates proper placement of tiles over the shower pan.  The photo on the left illustrates the wrong way.  The tile should never butt up to the top of the shower pan.  This is a recipe for disaster, as eventually it will leak.  If anyone tries to apply your shower tiles in this way, tell them to stop, and find an experienced tile installer to complete the job.  Pictured below and to the right is the proper way of installing a tile over a shower pan.  the tile should go over the shower pan to ensure a water tight seal.

In the end I was very pleased with Cory’s work and would highly recommend him.Winnipeg Interior decorator

  • He paid attention to detail
  • He was punctual
  • His quote was accurate
  • He was polite
  • He always cleaned up at the end of the day

Thanks to Cory, everyday in the morning I get to relax and enjoy my beautiful surroundings of  Italian tile expertly installed.

What I did correctly this time when it came to hiring a contractor for this project was to ask an experienced sales person who has expertise in this field of installation.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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