Winnipeg interior decoratorAs a Winnipeg interior decorator, when ever I am called to do a color scheme in a fully furnished home, I need to find a starting point.  Or in other words, I need to find a reason why the colors I select are in the home.  Colors that will work well with all the furnishings and finishes in the the home and enable a flow of color and style with in.  The exotic granite counter top, which is really a major investment and permanent fixture in any home, was the starting point for this color scheme.  Especially when the colors I pulled from the counter went so well with the current furniture.

With the dark feature wall, furniture, and floor in this room the lighter wall color you see in this photo really does not look very dark.  But it is, much darker than you would think.  This client home also has great natural light, which allows these dark colors selected for this home to really work well.  The ceiling color in this photo even looks deceptively light, but is it really?  The answer, no it is much darker than it appears.  In fact it is as dark as some clients dare go for their wall colors.

The reason the ceiling appears lighter is the fact that it is placed in a space where the wall colors are so dark that it appears white.  In any design, when dealing with dark wall colors the ceiling color needs to be a tinted version of white, or else the color scheme will have a vibrating affect.

To see what I mean, take a white piece of paper Winnipeg interior decoratorand hold it next to something very dark color.  Notice the sharp contrast, and how the colors almost appear to vibrate.  The affect being one you really don’t want in a room that you are trying to relax in, unless of course you are trying to achieve a vibrant result.  The toned down ceiling color gives a soft affect when paired next to the deep wall colors in this photo.  In this photo hold a white piece of paper over the dark wall and compare it to the lighter wall color and notice how dark this color really is.  The illusion of its lightness occurs because it is placed beside dark colors, even the ceiling, and it gives the illusion of being lighter than it really is.

The color scheme in this home is really monochromatic.  Monochromatic meaning that darker and lighter values of the same color are used through out.  This color scheme was an excellent choice for any client with furniture and art work that can stand out on its own.  If you notice the furniture, fabrics, and art selected for this home by the clients you will notice they have a great sense of style, and this color scheme really helps accentuate their selection of art and furniture.  These clients both liked the same colors, but one was a little more daring in color choices than the other.

Once I had selected the colors I was going to use, one of the clients kept moving up the scale going darker and darker in his color choice than the other.  If you are ever in a paint store and select a color from a long strip of paint colors you will notice that they are really lighter and darker values of really the same color.  So in this case my one client was wanting to go darker and darker, while my other client was happy with the lighter color.

Winnipeg interior decoratorShe was starting to get very nervous.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like the darker colors, she did, but she did not want her home becoming dark and dreary.  I told her not to be nervous, that the home had great natural light.  the space was also very open concept with high walls, giving the affect of a light airy space.  If any home could handle dark colors this one was an excellent choice.  Still hesitant I had my clients go on-line to the Houzz site.  On the site we did a search for rooms with dark colors.  Of course, as always the site produced numerous pictures of beautiful spaces with dark colors on the wall.  After seeing these pictures my client hesitantly agreed to move out of her comfort zone and use the dark colors.  In the end, the color scheme turned out beautiful, and she loved it.  I believe the darker color scheme made the room appear much nicer than it would have been with lighter colors, given these clients excellent taste and style in in furnishings and art.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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