Winnipeg interior design and decoratingWorking in the Winnipeg interior design and decorating industry for several years has made me very aware of choosing a color scheme suited to the individual taste of every single client.  I firmly believe people are subconsciously attracted to colors they look good in.  So when I visit clients homes for the very first time, I will see various items through out the home that are of the same color undertone.  In fact, when I meet clients for the very first time, I pay special attention to their complexion, particularly the lady of the home, and I know immediately the undertone of the colors they will want and be attracted to for their home.  And when I start to work with clients to create a design I find that they naturally drawn to items with colors they are attracted to.  After all, the lady of the house will want to be surrounded by colors that she looks her very best in.

Back in the early 80s, the latest fad for most women was to have their colors done.  People would be grouped according to their complexion into seasonal categories of  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Which was really just warmer and cooler color categories, based on color intensity.  For instance, Summer and Winter suited cooler colors.  Winter could wear the more intense version of a color, while Summer the more muted version of the same color.  In my picture, notice the wall color and its cool undertone, the custom drapery is purple, the silver lamp, and cooler cream color of the sofa.  I am a true Summer, and the space that surrounds me is perfect for my complexion as well as anyone who is a Winter.  These cooler under toned colors are what we are attracted to.
Winnipeg interior design and decoratingFor clients with Spring and Fall complexions, warmer under tones based on intensity, stronger for Fall, and softer for Spring.  Based on this color theory, warm colors with rich yellow or orange undertones are their ideal choice of wall color.  Warm under tones are loved by clients with Spring and Fall complexions, who would dread the thought of being surrounded by the cooler under toned colors of Summer and Winter.  In the photo of the dining room, notice the warm colored walls with a rich orange undertone which is ideally suited to a Fall or Spring complexion.

In my family my mother is a Fall, while my sister and myself are Summers.  In my mothers home she has warm yellow under toned colors and in her cottage rich orange under toned colors.  I never minded the colors growing up, except when it came to my bedroom.  I will never forget when I was still living at home and my mother selected yellow bedspreads for my sister and myself.  Yes, it coordinated beautifully with the rest of her home, but for my sister and myself it was awful.  Had we been given our choice it would have been rooms furnished in purples and blues which was suited to our complexions and taste.  So even as children I believe we are drawn to what we love.  So when decorating children’s rooms, I try to keep to what the children like for color, and add in some creative way pops of the colors the mother has selected for the rest of the home, so that to some degree at least, there still remains a flow of color and style throughout the home.

Working in the Winnipeg interior design and decorating industry has put me in touch with multiple clients, the majority of which have Winter, Fall, and Spring complexions.  To date, I have found my personal color theory to hold true.


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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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