As a Winnipeg interior decorator, I love solid hardwood furnishings manufactured in Canada.

The style, the beauty and the longevity of the products that come from our Canadian forests are unsurpassed. I love decorating with them and knowing my clients will have furniture pieces that will meet and exceed their expectations.  However, decorating an entire house with Canadian products can become very expensive.  So I often choose to use a combination of low and high quality products when decorating to stay with in budget.

The general guideline for knowing when to choose high end well constructed furniture pieces and when to choose lower costing and poorer quality items is the amount of use the furniture will have to undergo over time.  For instance, family room furniture that is used daily requires better quality furniture than a front living room that is seldom used.  For the well used family room you will want to purchase good quality upholstered furniture (ie. sofa, love seats, chairs, sectionals etc).  Occasional tables should also be good quality or they will not last any length of time.  Especially if you have children or grandchildren who are well behaved with adults around, and then start to jump and walk on furniture as soon as they are along.  You will want to keep the styles and colors classic  and neutral so that they will last a long time.  Because if these pieces are classic in style and neutral in color you can easily change the look up by introducing trends and new colors.  A store like Home Sense is a great place to find trends.  Home Sense has low cost lamps, artwork, drapery panels etc.  Because these trends are lower costing you can change them out every 5 or so years as styles change and create an entirely different look.

Winnipeg interior decorator

Winnipeg interior decoratorwinnipeg interior decorator

As an example, You will notice in all three of the above rooms that the furniture is a very neutral cream color .  All the furniture is classic in style with clean lines.  The furniture in all three rooms could be interchanged easily between each room and would work well in them.  The point is, that you could create 3 entirely different looks very inexpensively by keeping the same classic, neutral colored furniture and changing the lower costing items and paint colors (the trends).  The cream color is just an example, other neutrals such as grey, taupe, beige can also be used so long as they work with the new trends and paint colors you are introducing.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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