As a Winnipeg interior decorator this is an on going question that people are always asking me.  I know a few, but they are in high demand and you must wait for them.  Don’t be surprised if you are put on a waiting list and it takes 6 months before they can even start on your project.

Because they are in demand they are not inexpensive either.  But in my opinion well worth the price.  Especially after I have lived through a recent renovation project where the contractor, who a friend recomended, turned out to be a disaster.  The 100 year rain that occured in August 2014 left my basement in ruin, and because I needed it fixed sooner rather than later I was in a hurry to find a contractor and could not wait for one of my trusted favorites.

Lesson 1,  just because a friend believes a contractor is reliable, does not mean that they are.  Before deciding upon someone who is recomended to you by a friend, ask yourself, is your friend an expert in construction?  Probably not, they just think the person who worked on their home did a good job.  But what has really happened behind the scenes if a wall was opened up?

The contractor that came in to my place to repair my basement was a night mare.  But not at the start.  In the begining, he appeared to know what he was doing, and he showed up on time.  But after the mudding started, issues with his dry walling  and other carpentry abilities began to become apparent.  He even failed to show up on days that he promised.

Lesson 2:  Be prepared to wait and pay the price for a reliable contractor.  Failure to wait for someone reliable and taking a chance with a contractor who is recommended by a non expert source can waste your time, be stressful and might cost you double.

After the project was complete even more issues with his work became apparent.  When the tiler came to install beautiful Italian tiles into the walk in shower he noticed immediately that things were not done properly.  He immediately brought to my attention that the contractor had used an air nailer to apply tile backer board in the roughed in shower.  The backer board should have been applied with screws, or it would not be capable of supporting the weight of the tiles I had purchased for the shower walls.  Secondly he brought to my attention the fact that the shower walls were not straight.  As a result I paid the tiler to rebuild the shower walls and complete the tiling.  In the end, a poor contractor cost me almost double the amount it should have.  I still have people coming in to fix certain areas that the original contractor did not do a proper job of.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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