A bathroom renovation project that I have just recently completed was for a client who asked me to do a new design for the ensuite in the 1990’s home he had just purchased.  The client really disliked the fact that the ensuite was open to the rest of the master bedroom.  This open concept design was a fad that became popular during the 1990’s.  I remembered an instructor discussing her dislike for the open bath/master bedroom design. Imagine laying in bed and your spouse is sick in the bathroom.  Because there are no walls or doors you will hear all of the sounds, and smell everything.  If one partner has to get up early the other is woken because of bathroom lights turning on, the shower running etc.  There are also allergens to consider from sprays, molds, and bathroom cleaning products.  No, she said, it was better that the ensuite remain closed off from the master bedroom.  I agreed fully with both my client and instructor, the best thing to do was to close this bathroom off from the rest of the master bedroom.

These 3 photos are of the bathroom/master bedroom prior to the renovation.

Winnipeg interior decoratorWinnipeg interior decoratorWinnipeg interior decorator

I really disliked the angled wall where the sinks and cabinets were located.  Although everything was dated, I could not imagine this design ever looking nice.  Even when it was new.

For this project I had to do the following:Winnipeg interior decorator

  • measure the space, as no blue prints were available.
  • Because one wall was extremely angled the biggest challenge was to make sure the measurements taken were as accurate as possible.  Accuracy was extremely important to ensure that when I re-designed the space everything would fit properly.
  • Determine which walls to take down, and where to place the new wall and doorway in order to separate bedroom from bathroom.
  • Devise a way to disguise the ugly angled wall that the current sink and cabinets were located.  To do this I decided to make use of corner cabinetry and have a continuous run of cabinets with a lower make up counter.
  • My client and I both decided to leave the toilet in its original place and to put the shower where the tub was.  We did not want to add any extra expense to the project by having to re-run plumbing pipes.  The original shower was too small for what the client wanted, but it was a perfect place to locate a linen closet.
  • The client had seen windows in showers, liked the idea of having this added light, so we looked into which products to use. The window in the shower needed to be sealed properly to prevent damage to walls.
  • After showing my client concept drawings, making some adjustments, I completed the final working drawings for contractors.
  • For this bathroom renovation I also completed a color scheme and coordinate cabinetry, flooring, counter, paint colors, and tiles.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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