Winnipeg interior designerAs a Winnipeg interior designer, The quality of my work is often determined by finding the ideal fabric for each and every Client project.

Most interior design clients are often looking to individualize their spaces and create that wow factor affect.  And fabric is certainly at the forefront when it comes to trying to achieve this objective.  Whether the fabric is for a sofa set, occasional chair, footstool, custom drapes, and toss pillows every effort must be taken to ensure that the chosen fabric suits the clients taste, decor, and budget.  Effort must be made to coordinate with the other fabrics that are to be part of the room design.

You will notice that a variety of pattern has been used in the picture to the right.  The pairing of a wavey stripe in the foot stool, the rectangles and lines in the chair to the circular shaped pattern of the toss cushion work extremely well together.

In every space there needs to be a reason why the colors are present.  In this room pictured above you can certainly see that the chair fabric is the reason for the colors that are present in this space.  The chair has a combination of grey/white, grey, and yellow, and is what marries the colors together in this room and creates a very successful space.  The light grey/white has been used on the walls as a paint color and serves as a background for the subtle grey pattern in the drapery fabric.  Grey is also present in the flooring, and sofa.  The strong yellow in the chair fabric pulls in the yellow of the bench and toss cushion.

The yellow and grey colors in this room may not be your favorite, but any fabric with any colors can be combined with other patterns and colors of your choice to create a successful well designed space.

As a Winnipeg interior designer, I rely heavily on fabric wholesalers to meet the needs of my clients.  Whether it is for upholstery for both new and re-covered furniture,  as well as drapery and toss pillows.  Pictured below is a small area of the fabric wholesaler showroom that I use to source the vast majority of the fabrics for my client projects.  Through this showroom I have access to volumes of fabric from all over the globe.

Winnipeg interior designerWinnipeg interior designer






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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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