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beauty_2IDG, your interior decorator in Winnipeg, offers a full range of interior decorating and design services which include:

  • Residential and Commercial interior decorating and design
  • In home consultation
  • New home and renovation planning
  • Kitchen and bathroom design
  • Room layouts
  • Color and design consultation
  • Coordination of furniture, flooring, window treatments, cabinetry, counters, accessories, etc.
  • Furniture and accessory placement, sourcing, and selection
  • Furniture consultation: custom, fabric selection, re-upholstery, and re-finishing
  • Re-arrange existing furniture and combining it with new furniture, accessories, and artwork
  • Consult and design window treatments
  • Source and select fabrics for furnishings and drapery
  • Product advice and selection
  • Project coordination
  • Staging

As your interior decorator in Winnipeg, let us help you create a home that you love.  A home that reflects your personal taste and style and that you can be proud to show your friends and family.

interior decorator in Winnipeg

Planning a new home in Winnipeg, or renovating?

Interior decorator in winnipegPre-planning is of key importance in this situation.  When planning a new home it is important prior to plans being finalized and building begins that the layout within the new home will function in the way that it is intended to.  Adequate room must be planned to accommodate the types of furniture you want the rooms to contain, and the types of activities that are to take place. The same is true for renovations.  One of the most requested services is basement design, as home owners often do not finish their basements when they initially build and move in to their homes.  After a period of time they find that they would like to use this area of their home as living space.

Planning a new kitchen?

Again pre-planning is of key importance.  When designing a kitchen an efficient work triangle must be established between fridge, stove, and sink.  Enough room must exist to accommodate traffic flow, opening appliance doors, and persons seated at an island or eat up counter, etc.  Will the kitchen need to be designed to accommodate one or two cooks?

Need a color scheme? kitchen angle2

At IDG, your interior decorator in Winnipeg, we work with clients to determine a color scheme that works for them, and what they feel comfortable living with on a daily basis.  Colors schemes can be determined by the existing furnishings and finishes within the home, or they can be entirely fresh if new furnishings are being acquired and introduced into the home.

Coordination of furniture, flooring, cabinetry, window treatments, etc. is essential in order for a design to be truly successful.  Not only is it important that there is a harmonious flow of color within the home, but it is also important that there is a flow of style.  Sometimes clients have eclectic taste, and in those situations we work to blend styles together through use of various design techniques to ensure this flow.

Your Interior Decorator in Winnipeg

At IDG, your interior decorator in Winnipeg, we attempt to create beautiful spaces by ensuring clients get the best value for the money in all products and services.  We are not only able to supply luxury projects with high end products and services, but when it comes to working with more modest budgets we are able to combine high and low end products and services to provide the best value for the client within their budget.

For each project only tradespersons who provide excellent workmanship and customer care are recommended.  For more details call Sherri at Inclusive design Group, your interior decorator in Winnipeg!


interior decorator in Winnipeg
The IDG High/Low designer room/booth at the 2011 Home Expressions Show.  The idea behind the high/low concept was to appeal to the Inclusive Design Group target market. As our web site states “we not only work on luxury projects, but also for clients with more modest budgets€.  To identify with these target markets we wanted to show that we could create a beautiful room using both very expensive items and more reasonably priced items.  The result was a $5000 price difference between the high cost side and the lower cost side.

Inclusive Design Group, your interior decorator in Winnipeg!

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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