One of my favorite things to do is to assist clients in sourcing upholstery to recover aSourcing upholstery favorite chair or any furniture piece.  This chair has been in my clients family for almost 200 years.  It was transported from the United States by her family in the back of a covered wagon to Winnipeg. 

Having worked on the living room a few years before, their family room last year, I was now given the challenge of designing custom bedding as well as sourcing upholstery to recover their antique chair.   This chair was brought up from the basement and I was asked to find some fabric for it that would work well with their living room decor as well as the bedroom. 

When I first saw the chair, I noticed a light cream coloured fabric that was very rough and worn on its seat.  My client asked me if I new what the fabric was or where it came from.  Apparently her father had used the fabric for this chairs’ seat when the original became worn (pictured below).  Having being raised on a farm, and having seen some of the ancient machines this fabric would have come from I knew immediately what it was.  The before picture below and to the left will enlarge when clicked upon, so you can try and guess what it is or where it may have come from.  For more details on what he used and find out more about sourcing upholstery to recover a favorite chair please continue reading below.  

sourcing upholstery

Antique chair before

Sourcing upholstery

Chair back before













Like any farm family of the time, there was likely no extra money available to afford new upholstery, or to have the seat fixed properly.  So her father used what was available.  The threshing machine belt was probably too worn to work on the machine any longer, so it became the perfect choice for the seat of this chair.

One of my favorite go to books for a lot of older antiques would be Maxwell’s Classic Velvet book.  From the book we were lucky to find a fabric that was perfect for the era of the chair, that worked wonderfully with the lovely green and cream colour scheme of the my clients home.  I was also lucky to find the perfect cream coloured leather remnant that we used on the back of the chair to give it a little character.   

The wood frame on the chair was also re-finished in a stain colour similar to the original stain. 

sourcing new upholstery

Chair after refinishing and re-upohlstery

sourcing upholstery

Leather used on chair back













Sourcing upholstery to recover a favorite chair or any furniture piece, is a service provided by Inclusive Design Group.  Please call 204 918 4118 for all your decorating needs

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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