As a Winnipeg interior decorator, I really enjoy exhibiting at the Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation and Home Expressions shows in Winnipeg. And now the new Design, Art, and Architecture Exhibition at Red River Exhibition Place.  By exhibiting, the public gets a chance to see my skill as a Winnipeg Interior Decorator prior to hiring me to work on their interior design projects.

I usually start the design process 6 months prior to the start of each show.  The reason for the early start is to ensure everything arrives on time for the show.  Sometimes fabrics, furnishings, etc can be placed on back order, and when I find something that is absolutely perfect for a room I want to ensure that it arrives on time.  Nothing is more stress full than not having something arrive in time for a show.

When designing a room for each show the following must be done:2012 home expressions

  • Design a furniture layout
  • Select and coordinate fabrics, furnishings, window coverings, wall paper, flooring, paint, lighting and accessories
  • Coordinate the sewing of drapery and pillows
  • Design a color scheme
  • Order furnishings
  • Coordinate move in and move out of convention center
  • Coordinate floor install
  • Secure sponsors for flooring and lighting
  • Plan for electrical
  • Plan for crowd control
  • Plan for advertising materials

Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation  ShowThe picture to the right is from the 2012 Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation show.  Installers from Curtis Carpets begin the floor installation.  Curtis carpets was kind enough to sponsor my designer room that year and supplied a beautiful floor,

We usually move in to convention center on the Tuesday prior to the show which usually starts on Friday.  The days leading up to the show are long exhausting, 12 or more hour days.  Usually, on the first day walls are built, flooring is installed, and we paint the walls. Day 2 we paper, hang blinds and drapery and place furnishings.  By the end of day 2 I get to see how everything is pulling Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation  Showtogether.  Day 3 all media is added to the room, accessories and sometimes last minute accessories and area rugs are purchased and delivered.  On day 4 in the morning protective coverings are removed and we clean.  Everything in the room must be covered for most of the time during set up because of the saw dust in the air.  At 12 noon it is show time!

The picture to the right is from the 2012 Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation show.  My assistant Marlon paints, and my friend Kelly does the wall paper installation.  A designer room is a massive undertaking that must be completed with in 3 days.  So I am very fortunate to have excellent friends and assistants who turn up to help out.
Winnipeg interior decoratorI find exhibiting is equivalent to taking a school exam.  When designing a room, a designer is putting their work out for all to see and judge, the public, the media, and fellow designers.  It can be extremely stressful and exhausting, but at the same time very rewarding when the room is a success.

Pictured to the right is the 2012 Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation show Inclusive Design Group designer room completed.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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