As a Winnipeg interior decorator, I always try to assist my clients to make timeless choices when purchasing expensive investment items for Winnipeg interior decoratortheir home.  Custom drapery can definitely fall into this classification.  For drapery my classic choice would be the inverted pleat drape.  This drape style fits well with almost any decor and style.  They are simple and elegant.  Selected in a neutral they can transition between multiple room color changes.

My favorite choice of fabric for use with any inverted pleat would be silk, because of the elegance and texture it can give to any space.  If silk is too expensive for your budget, then I recommend a faux silk, which often comes in at a much better price point.

For all client projects, I usually will do up a quick scaled drawing of the window area in question to ensure the client likes the look of their window prior to going ahead with ordering fabrics.

Winnipeg interior decoratorThis client had two windows in her living room that were not centered, leaving ample space on the left side for flowing drapery and very little on the right, so not to cover the view from the window.  This can always create a design challenge and sometimes window coverings have to be used to compensate for this in-balance.  I knew immediately that no more than a width and a half of drapery could be used on these windows, so that the right side window would not be completely covered in drapery.  This would create an in-balance in itself. I knew there were only 2 possible choices on how this window should be treated.  Choice #1, treat the windows separately using 3 single width drapery panels.  There was only 6″ of space between the windows, so I knew no more than a width could be used for each panel.  The windows at least were small enough in scale, so that a single width of drapery fabric flanking the sides of each opening would look in proportion to the opening.  Or, Choice #2, treat the windows as one using a width and a half of drapery panel on each side.  A width and a half had to be used, because the two windows together created a much larger space and the fullness of a larger drapery panel was necessary to create more of a proportioned look.  My client was having trouble visualizing this, but after doing a scaled drawing of the windows sheWinnipeg interior decorator knew immediately the option she liked best.  In this situation, it was really one of personal choice.  Either option would have worked equally well.  This is a current project that I am working on, so I will provide pictures of the finished project once complete.  This client has selected deep green olive drapery panels, and will have beautiful creamy white custom chairs in front.

The inverted pleat drapery to the right, was from another client project that is now complete.  The fabric used in this project was a beautiful dark, steel blue, taffeta with sparkle.  By itself the fabric was beautiful, but just to have it hang in folds would not have had the affect that having it fully customized into inverted pleat drapery did.  The inverted pleats added fullness to the fabric, as well as depth, and provided texture in its deep folds. The fulness of the drapery, and texture of the stone fireplace, and shag rug bring out the warmth and comfort in this room.  The deep color of the steel blue drapery also pulls on the darker shades of the monotone fabric in the custom blue chairs sitting in front of the window, which creates a stunning backdrop.

Below, to the left, is a drawing of the Inclusive Design 2014 designer room at Kitchen, Bath, and Renovation Show at the Winnipeg Convention Center.  Every year each room is drawn out in full and planned for at least 6 months prior to each show.  Nothing can be left to chance, particularly when it comes to anything custom.

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The inverted pleat drapery in this room is made from a beautiful creamy sheer that is self lined.  Shimmery grey taffeta has been stapled to the wall to give the appearance of blinds.  I love all drapery, but my favorite is the inverted pleat, because of its ease at transforming itself to work from one design to the next.  This creamy white sheer from the show, can be used repeatedly in multiple designer rooms because of its neutral color and its neutral style.

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"Dear Sherri, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We were thrilled with the results and now hope to sit down with the architect to finalize the house plans."

- Irene and Dan Tapley

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