If you love luxurious custom drapery, here is a trend you are going to love. 

As a Winnipeg interior decorator I always pay attention to trends.  Some trends I love and like to introduce into design projects if clients are interested.  Other trends, I try to avoid, because they are just in poor taste, or they are expensive and not easily changed out.luxurious custom drapery

The latest trend that I absolutely love is beautiful luxurious custom drapery in fabulous colors and made from elegant fabrics.  The trend is to have the drapery hang close to the ceiling, and allow them to hang down to touch the floor.  Pictured to the right are beautiful self lined sheers, that hang from ceiling to floor.  The sheers are so neutral in colour that they are classic and timeless. 

Finally we are back to the long awaited trend of luxury fabrics such as silk.  Printed fabrics are also back on trend for drapery as well.  I welcome these trends with open arms.  Note, below, the fabulous patterned luxurious custom drapery combined with coordinated toss cushions complete with matching trim.  Fabric manufactures often coordinate upholstery and drapery fabrics so that they can be easily used in design projects.  This ensures a flow of colour and style. 

luxurious custom draperyTagsWall to wall drapery is a movement away from having panels hang from rod and rings on either side of a blind. Using side panels has been very popular for many years.  Side panels are a very cost effective way of dressing a window, and many clients select this option to keep costs lower.  In fact I have many windows dressed this way through out my own home, and I have found them to be very useful in many of the designer rooms that I have done through out the years.  No need to feel bad if wall to wall custom drapery is not in your budget.   Side panels can be very attractive looking, especially when they are well coordinated with furniture, toss cushions and paint colours. 

But if you are looking for that look of luxury, and it is in your budget, I highly recommend wall to wall luxurious custom drapery, especially now with the availability of of beautiful hardware and fabrics. 

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- Irene and Dan Tapley

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